Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Life in Snapshots

Coming home from work one evening last week, I was pleasantly greeted by this beautiful sky and rushed to whip my camera out. Have you ever seen clouds like this? Absolutely breathtaking.

Taken on the same evening, this is exactly what I saw when I tilted my head up to the night sky.

Yesterday I picked up these two gorgeous fragrances from DKNY - be delicious green apple and be delicious fresh blossom. The former is really fruity and the latter marries fruity with floral. Can't wait to wear these!!

Oh and yesterday I also adopted this cute little Prada bunny rabbit. Woo! :)


  1. Hello there! :)

    How are you? It's Kristel! I don't know If you still remember e or not, but If you don't, I knew your blog from Polyvore :D

    Again, I love your blog so much! Really! I love every post you have! :) Keep posting dear.


  2. OHHHH MY GODDD, I just took a look at your pictures and totally in love with all of them! You're so awesome! Your blog is so magical, and so are your sets on polyvore! :D


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