Monday, November 30, 2009

doo.ri under.ligne lookbook

As I was marvelling at doo.ri's new frock designs this afternoon, I stumbled across an even more delightful surprise - the lookbook for her spring '10 Under.Ligne collection. I love it! The effect of combining watercolour illustrations with soft, dreamy photography is pure perfection, as you will see below...

Would love to get my hand on that white dress in #04!

Label love: Doo.Ri spring 2010 collection

What is there not to love about this label's understated elegance? Soft ruffles, dusty muted tones and simple silhouettes... makes for a gorgeous and breathtaking spring collection. I love and want it bad.

Hello, summer cottage!

anticipating the arrival of summer and its promise of sweet memories... thinking about champagne picnics in secluded courtyard gardens whilst casually enjoying the sunset and savouring the stunning views... relaxing in the arms of mother nature, transporting from reality to surrealism. drifting in..... and out......

1-2: wreta g.; 3: tig; 4: martha stewart; 5: tig

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Etsy Love: French markets and shabby ornaments

In lieu of my huge love for handmade and vintage goods, I have decided that every Sunday will be the day I share some of my favourite Etsy finds for the week - selected from a very, very long list of talented and dedicated sellers. It excites me to think that there exists such a big community of individuals who not only share my love for handmade items but actually serve to fuel this unhealthy obsession of mine!

First up on my list this week is an item that positively made me squeal with delight when I saw it. Not sure if anyone else was the same but as a child I was absolutely certain I would grow up and become a teacher. That was all I wanted to do. Oh, if only I had this back then! You can make this adorable elephant chalkboard yours, available at oldcrowfarm.

Next, for a girl like me who is forever losing bobby pins -- this is the perfect solution! These flower pins are made from layers of silky black satin and a faux pearl bead. They sure are darling and too gorgeous to misplace! Available in other colours as well at dandyapple's store.

Following on I want to talk about wickedpen's amazing store, which I discovered a few days ago and have been dreaming of non-stop ever since. This is why...
Imagine an attic filled with books, birdcages, costume jewelry and old linens. Antique trunks overflowing with dresses, photos, maps, advertisements. The delightful decadence of clawfoot bathtubs and love letters. The simple pleasures of dusty libraries and thrift stores. An indie press and design studio, we offer a lovely selection of everyday indulgences for mind, body, and home. From handmade books, paper goods, art, and accessories, to lovely vintage finds and luscious bath & body creations, all of our items arrive attractively packaged and perfect for gifting.
This holiday season there are sooo many items from wickedpen's store on my list but two of my favourites are pictured above: a shabby mushroom bird perched on a vintage spool wound with old book pages (a little something pretty for my Christmas tree) and a set of gourmet soaps that I know will smell absolutely divine. Who doesn't want to smell like grapefruit, raspberry creme, japanese pear, ginger peach, pomegranate, cherry almond and apricot & oatmeal? These fruit scents are perfectly me.

And finally, for baking enthusiasts like myself -- I found this vintage mini pie tart tin -- tarnished and scratched but in perfect condition to serve as a decorative piece. Visit AlicesLookingGlass for more details if this takes your fancy.

So, that's all for this week folks! To those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving (not a tradition to Down Under), hope it was a happy and joyful occasion. And to all my ever loyal readers, I wish you lots of love and laughter, always.

See you tomorrow for another week and don't forget to tune in next Sunday for more Etsy love! xx

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Behind the Lens: Victoria Pearson

I added this quote myself - it is my all time favourite

For this weeks Behind the Lens series, I would like to share the works of photographer Victoria Pearson, whose images I love for the sheer beauty and simplicity. I always think of carefree Sunday mornings when I look at her photographs. If you would like to see more, head on over to her online gallery!

All Images by V. Pearson

Woodford and Co.

absolutely in love with Woodford & Co.'s summer '09 collection for its perfect blend of elegance and femininity

L: Logo tank, Woodland playsuit - R: Martha top

L: Uptown frock - R: Just Divine top, Tilbury skirt

L: Martha skirt - R: Martha tutu

L: Under the Stars dress - R: Galley tee, Cape Cod jeans

This is without a doubt one of my favourite Aussie labels - Martha tutu I want you!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

From dusk 'til dawn

This is the picture that inspired the following set:


[ i always wondered what it would be like to wander into a magical forest... ]

Visual Treats by i.klee

What better than some beautifully-styled, colourful and fun colour cards to finish off with on a Friday afternoon. These photographs belong to Imke Klee - a stylist, designer, photographer and illustrator who works in Germany and France. I think her work is amazing; she is spot on with her colour choices and I adore her lovely little knick-knacks. Makes you look at everyday objects a bit differently doesn't it?

Enjoy while I head out and enjoy the rest of this beautiful warm afternoon.. Happy Friday folks! :)

The Bedroom: A Haven of Rest

Of all the rooms in a house, I think the bedroom is the most important - it's where one starts the day and the last thing one sees before one drifts off to sleep. For many people it is also a sanctuary away from the troubles of the world and an ultimate escape from reality. Like me, it's where I can read read read to my heart's desire, compose some music, let my mind wander...

These days, trying to create bedrooms that are individualistic yet space-saving and cost-effective can be a real challenge. There are so many innovative designs and gorgeous colour schemes out there -- how do you know where to start? Well I was positively breathtaken when I discovered these gorgeous concept images by Sergi from Barcelona. It has given me many ideas for working with minimal space and inspired me to be more daring with furnishing choices. Don't you think he does a wonderful job of creating magic with colour?

One of the reasons I am especially drawn to Sergi's design concepts is because he makes his rooms look inviting and warm. The contemporary furniture he has selected is perfect for creating that spacious feeling in what would otherwise be a very cramped environment. It also looks classy and effortless. Has he succeeded in making you want that clean and tidy area for yourself?

Images from decodir

I hope today's post has given those of you looking to redecorate your bedrooms some renewed inspiration and ideas! As a side note, I am very interested in finding out what colour everyone's bedroom walls are at the moment -- or if you've seen any particular shades that look really good. I am hoping to repaint my little haven soon and I think it might be time for me to start experimenting with some colour...