Friday, November 27, 2009

The Bedroom: A Haven of Rest

Of all the rooms in a house, I think the bedroom is the most important - it's where one starts the day and the last thing one sees before one drifts off to sleep. For many people it is also a sanctuary away from the troubles of the world and an ultimate escape from reality. Like me, it's where I can read read read to my heart's desire, compose some music, let my mind wander...

These days, trying to create bedrooms that are individualistic yet space-saving and cost-effective can be a real challenge. There are so many innovative designs and gorgeous colour schemes out there -- how do you know where to start? Well I was positively breathtaken when I discovered these gorgeous concept images by Sergi from Barcelona. It has given me many ideas for working with minimal space and inspired me to be more daring with furnishing choices. Don't you think he does a wonderful job of creating magic with colour?

One of the reasons I am especially drawn to Sergi's design concepts is because he makes his rooms look inviting and warm. The contemporary furniture he has selected is perfect for creating that spacious feeling in what would otherwise be a very cramped environment. It also looks classy and effortless. Has he succeeded in making you want that clean and tidy area for yourself?

Images from decodir

I hope today's post has given those of you looking to redecorate your bedrooms some renewed inspiration and ideas! As a side note, I am very interested in finding out what colour everyone's bedroom walls are at the moment -- or if you've seen any particular shades that look really good. I am hoping to repaint my little haven soon and I think it might be time for me to start experimenting with some colour...

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