Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Quiet Solitude

On balmy November afternoons like today, I cannot help but revel in the feeling of peace and warmth that surrounds me in the grass I rest on, the birdsongs I hear and the air I breathe. It is the time of the year that makes me reflect: a sort of in-between following the stress of studies and before the mad rush of the holiday season. With Christmas just around the corner & slowly creeping up, with all those beaches waiting for me... I know I should be absolutely thrilled but instead I kinda wish I had another year of uni left -- I don't want to leave that familiarity and certainty behind. Crazy, huh! I think I might be suffering a mild case of pre-employment jitters... what do you think?

Neverthless, I cannot believe that only eleven months ago I was celebrating the coming of the new year and its promise of exciting challenges and new experiences. Final year of tertiary education, all the preparations in the lead up to being thrown out into the real world... at the time all of it seemed so far away. Nearly unreachable and most certainly impossible. Well, 2009 did not disappoint and has turned out to be a very memorable year filled with more pleasant surprises than I could ever have imagined.

And that leaves me thinking, I wonder what the next twelve months will be like? 2009 all over again, or might it be bigger and better? All I know is that time stops for nobody. Even just writing this entry I have watched the harsh light of the day fall into dusk. It's beautiful, surreal and so serene. Marvelous.

Life is indeed full of wonderful ways. Enjoy it.

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