Monday, January 31, 2011

Baguettes and Moet et Chandon

{ it was hard to concentrate with the sun shining ever so brightly this afternoon, as a result my mind wandered and crossed the fragile line between reality and dream, blurring everything I knew to be certain. I was far far away and nothing could bring me back. . . travelling from village to village, the french countryside so quiet, serene and peaceful. I slept with ease and woke to a never-ending lavender field - imagine that! The aroma of crusty baguettes drifted into my room, and before I knew it I was sipping ice-cold moët and chandon with my dearest after spending the late summer morning exploring the age-old château hotel and riding late into the sunset on bicycles carrying freshly-picked berries. I'm charmed by the cheese platters of Androuet and the beautiful vineyards of Burgundy. It's an amazing moment. I take out my supplies and attempt to replicate this beautiful sight before me, but time doesn't wait and I'm whisked away, shoes off and all . . . }

Creme de la creme

Sorting through my collection this afternoon, I noticed I have recently become very fond of creme-based vinyl nail polishes. The bottles pictured above are my latest acquisitions from the end of last year and I have been wearing them all summer. I chose these colours because they have a professional, sophisticated and understated elegance about them; nothing too fancy or overpowering, making them suitable for wear to work! Given that OPI polishes are so darn expensive in Australia, I always make sure that I purchase colours that are classic and staple. I know I will never grow out of wearing these shades! What have you got on your tips and toes?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Recovery Mode

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Hello there dear readers, it's been... a while. Please accept my apologies for this hiatus - life has been so hectic since my last post which was written just as Brisbane was going under.

Hard to believe it's been over 2 weeks since the disaster. Thankfully, the River did not peak above the predicted flood levels of 1974. Yet so many homes, schools and local businesses have been completely inundated and thousands were left without power or electricity for days. So many lives changed for the worse in that week.

We are now in recovery mode here in Queensland, with thousands of volunteers from all over the nation pitching in to help with the massive clean up job that will no doubt take several months and possibly even years. There are those who have dug deep to donate to the flood appeal, which is currently sitting at a whopping $181,685,852 (and still climbing). Not to mention the flood heroes who have worked tirelessly and put their own lives on the line to save others. Thanks much go to each and every one of these people for their massive efforts. And thanks must also go to you, my friends, for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

Listening to stories from the 1974 floods, I never imagined I would live to experience and tell my own tale. To say that this disaster hasn't changed my life would be impossible and a complete understatement. It really hit so close to home this time and helped to put things into perspective. I've not only had to re-evaluate the important things in my life but also learnt to not stress over the small things. Worrying and stressing over work-related issues, daydreaming about the distant future and wasting time on material objects... none of these really matter in the big scheme. I need to start living in the now. Like the people in Toowoomba/Lockyer Valley, there could easily be no tomorrow. So these past few weeks, I switched off my computer and tried to spend more time with family and friends, taking each day as it comes. No longer mulling over decisions or getting upset if things don't turn out the way I want.

Life is too short for these expectations.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Brisbane Floods 2011

January 12, 2011 - 3:46pm

I cannot believe the scale of the natural disaster that is unfolding in my home town of Brisbane and regional areas of Queensland at the moment.

Ipswich flooding - waters have peaked at over 20m. Over 3000 people evacuated

Reports say that the next 24-36 hours will be the most critical as residents anxiously await the flood peak that is expected to hit around 4am on Thursday 13th January. Word has it that water levels will rise to similar proportions and possibly exceed that of the 1974 Brisbane floods, which saw the Brisbane River peak to 5.5m, breaking its banks and flooding surrounding CBD areas. 1974 was the year that saw 14 people lose their lives from drowning and total damage was estimated at over AU$200 million. For thousands of people, they lost everything they had and the process of rebuilding in the aftermath was painstaking and slow. As a result of this disaster, Wivenhoe Dam was built as a control measure to minimise the effects of flooding if it was to ever occur again. It was designed to hold 1.45 megalitres of additional water for flood mitigation (225% capacity) and all seemed reasonably well for another 37 years...

On 11th January 2011, the Wivenhoe Dam levels reached its highest level ever recorded at close to 192% of max capacity. Being an embankment dam, there is a risk that if water spills over the crest it could erode the dam walls and potentially fail. As a result of this, controlled release of the dam occured yesterday afternoon at 1pm to relieve the swollen flood storage compartments so as to create space for further predicted rainfall and inflows from nearby dams and connecting rivers.

These last two days have been truly harrowing, terrifying and stressful for Brisbane residents. The generation who lived through the '74 floods knew the scale of damage to be expected while the younger generation waited anxiously for news updates. Emotions are running high. At 2:10pm yesterday, it was chaos in Brisbane's Central Business District (CBD) as the mighty Brisbane River, which the city is situated on, broke its banks after days of continuous heavy rain. Road closures occured in nearby areas and the CBD was evacuated. Power remains cut off to thousands of businesses and homes in the area since early this morning, leaving the normally bustling district uncharacteristically calm and silent.

The Goodwill Bridge - waters are creeping higher and higher by the minute

The normally busy Eagle St Pier

Since 1pm this afternoon, all public transport into the CBD has been withdrawn as numerous riverside suburbs and major roads are quickly becoming inundated. Supermarkets are running amok as shoppers rush to stock up on everything from bread, bottled water and tinned food to long-life milk and apples. Helicopter roof-top rescues have ocurred and pontoons and yachts are afloat in the middle of the river after breaking off from the banks. Iconic Brisbane restaurant Drift Cafe, formerly known as Oxley's on the River, has completely submerged. Inner city suburbs are sinking fast. Yet we are all still bracing for the worst that is to come.

Sinking suburb of Rosalie - the only way to access homes is via canoes

The wheel of Brisbane at Southbank with riverside boardwalk completely inundated

At this point in time, the River is continuing to rise (4.6m) and Brisbane City is in lock down. No public transport, no electricity, no open roads. Authorities are urging people to stay at home if possible or to evacuate to higher-set areas if your area is likely to flood. Waking up to sunshine and a typical summer's day left many unconvinced but light showers have started to resume and the sky is starting to look a little cloudy. I'm sure the emotions surging through everyone at the moment are much the same. Great fears for the uncertainty and of the unknown.

The Southbank Parklands swimming area (left) - walk ways (right) now completely covered by floodwater

To my fellow Queenslanders, family and friends - please, please, please stay safe. With our determination, defiance and strength - we will get through this horrific and distressing ordeal. And we will prevail. To the emergency personnel and SES rescue teams, thank you for braving the storms, floodwaters and putting your lives at risk to save others. What you are doing is beyond amazing.

To donate to the flood relief appeal: or phone 1800 219 028

Stories of devastation are starting to emerge:
  • Read about the parents who pushed their 4 children to the safety of the roof as they got swept away by ravaging floodwaters here
  • Read about Baby Callum Jack Wieland, who is living proof of hope amongst despair here.

I will continue to post updates about the situation as able. Just thought I would let my friends from around the world know that I am safe and my family are well. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Of Vernis and Parfum

Inspiring me this week {snaps from my camera}
gorgeous glass atomisers to hold my pretty perfume, oversized flower rings to adorn my fingers, nail lacquer in muted or dark shades to paint my nails with and finally, brass keyrings to unlock my heavy heart

Friday, January 7, 2011

Taffety Taffetas

Some captivating couture gowns for your viewing pleasure on this dreary Friday. I would kill to wear any one of these creations by Margiela, Elie Saab and Valentino!

Model: Mariana Idzkowska | Photography: Justin Wu | L’Officiel Ukraine

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ruby Red She wants the World Instead

My newest ring purchase - currently wearing this beauty on the middle finger of my left hand. The design is very delicate and petite -- imagine a band so super thin it only measures 1mm! Love.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mocha and Meringues

Inspiring me this present moment ‧‧‧
‧‧‧ matching coathangers, rich dark chocolate browns contrasted against beautiful creamy beiges, gold-plated doorknobs and lovely lemon-meringue cupcakes ‧‧‧

Images via paulbarbera, {tig} and lonny mag

Monday, January 3, 2011

In My Bag

I dunno if it's just me... but I take delight in peeking inside other people's bags. There's something about seeing what other people use, what they choose to take with them when they're out and how they store it that I find absolutely fascinating. I believe it can reveal a lot about a person's character...

So today, I want to share what I love to carry with me, when I'm away from home.

In my bow clip-style purse in pastel pink, you will find:

  • Mimco quilted travel wallet - a lovely and luxurious black leather wallet which I purchased last month as a gift to myself. It holds all my cash, plastic cards, receipts and has a clip-style compartment for coins, a huge flat rectangular mirror and pockets for plane tickets and passport! This is my dream wallet.
  • Sunglasses - black frame with Swarovski detailing, by Versace.
  • Small beige purse with leather flower embellishment - I'm currently using this as my make-up bag (previously it was holding my phone). I don't really wear much makeup anyway, so it's the perfect size to hold my Burt's Bees Pomegranate lipbalm (I swear by this stuff!), blemish cleverstick that can double up as foundation and a travel-size perfume atomiser holding my favourite summer fragrance, Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche.
  • iPhone 3Gs with clip on merlot metallic protective case + spare battery -this is the newphone I've only had for a few months (purchased after my old iPhone died). Currently waiting out for the white iPhone 4 or next gen iPhone!
  • Philips in-ear headphones - these are the comfiest earphones I've ever owned. Love the snug fit and the noise cancelling function really works to stop unwanted background sounds. Best of all, the colour of the earphones perfectly match my phone case!
  • Eclipse spearmint breath mints - I have tried many different mints but always return to these. They're yummy and better than gum when you're at work and need a quick freshen up!
  • House keys and car keys -Currently hanging these on a pair of keyrings that I bought last week, thought the matching lock and key was perfect for the two most important things I need when venturing out!
  • Arnold Palmer folding umbrella - I love to be organised and never leave home without an umbrella. This one isn't as compact as I'd like it to be, but it is hot pink, relatively light and opens up beautifully with lots of tulips and butterflies around the rim. Very girly.
  • Peach Juicie hand moisturising lotion - this stuff is pure goodness for my hands especially after a day of constant sanitising with anti-bacterial washes. Smells absolutely divine, perfect consistency and soaks in quick leaving my hands as soft as a baby's bottom.
  • Travel size samples of my facial cleanser, softener and moisturiser - for someone who's always on the go, having oily/combination skin can be a nightmare in summer months. I like to keep these on hand so that I can feel refreshed during the day.
  • Slimfit waterbottle - can never get enough of drinking water. Always refilling this at the drink fountains at work. It's so cleansing and good for the body!
  • Urban Originals card wallet -this is a purchase I should have made a long time ago. Now I can find all my VIP store membership cards, stamping coupons and the like in one place. This flip-style wallet makes it easy to find what you're looking for and has 6 extra card compartments and a place to keep your small notes. I often use this to double up as my wallet if I'm carrying a clutch to go out because it's small and compact.
  • Work-related stuff - boring but important stuff. ID badge, scanning cards, locker keys, hairties, bobby pins, pen and my trusty ol' steth.
  • Sony Tx7 digital camera + spare battery - You may remember I purchased this at the beginning of the year. Got myself a gorgeous chocolate brown leather case for it. Perfect as a point-and-shoot to capture everyday happy moments.
  • Bandaids - I have enough trouble as it is buying shoes that are comfy. Never know when blisters will pop up and being on my feet all day, I just can't take that risk.
  • Travel size jewellery box - for storing my precious rings in instances where I have to remove them. This keeps them safe from scratches or getting lost in my bag.

and very occasionally...
  • 4G Mini USB - should technically have this with me everywhere but I am looking for one that has a keyring to hang off my work lanyard.
  • Diary/planner - most often I will use my iPhone when I'm out and then transfer appointments / events to pen and paper when I'm back home. I will only take this with me if I am going somewhere I know I may need to book things in advance.
  • Book - for long trips or when I'm in the mood to read.
  • Pair of soft ballet flats - because comfort is key.

Of course, I only carry these things in large totes for everyday wear to and from work. When I'm heading out on weekends or at night, I only take the important stuff like wallet, phone and keys.

So... are you the type of person who carries their whole house with them 24-7? Or are you a minimalist? Show me what's in your bag!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dear Diary,

I'm so happy to finally be using my absolutely adorable 2011 diary! Purchased this little beauty for myself a few weeks ago and it came with a matching pen + bookmark! I normally use run-of-the-mill diaries that have pretty boring covers and not-so-good paper quality but this year I decided to spend a bit more money on something that would actually make me happy to write in. The best thing about this diary is that all of the pages are illustrated, colourful and different! It's sooo cute. Almost too cute to write in.

The layout of this diary is horizontal week to a view which is a bit different to what I'm used to using. I normally prefer day to a page as there is more room for me to scribble down all my random thoughts.

Isn't this so cute?

What diary will you be using this year?

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Aussies are in 2011 already!!!

Fireworks are great!!!!!!