Monday, January 31, 2011

Baguettes and Moet et Chandon

{ it was hard to concentrate with the sun shining ever so brightly this afternoon, as a result my mind wandered and crossed the fragile line between reality and dream, blurring everything I knew to be certain. I was far far away and nothing could bring me back. . . travelling from village to village, the french countryside so quiet, serene and peaceful. I slept with ease and woke to a never-ending lavender field - imagine that! The aroma of crusty baguettes drifted into my room, and before I knew it I was sipping ice-cold moët and chandon with my dearest after spending the late summer morning exploring the age-old château hotel and riding late into the sunset on bicycles carrying freshly-picked berries. I'm charmed by the cheese platters of Androuet and the beautiful vineyards of Burgundy. It's an amazing moment. I take out my supplies and attempt to replicate this beautiful sight before me, but time doesn't wait and I'm whisked away, shoes off and all . . . }