Monday, November 8, 2010

Inspiring me today

Marine Vacth, slightly dishevelled but nonetheless, still beautiful

This feeling of disarray very much sums up how I feel about the last 12 hours. One word, work. Boy, was it a struggle to get through the day!

Today was unlike any other Monday... aside from never ever wanting the weekend to end, imagine a day filled with too many things happening all at once, and in no particular order or logic. New places, new people, new responsibilities, new schedules. Imagine trying to split yourself physically and mentally between all these places that need you. Trying to tie up the loose ends from the people who worked over the weekend. All too much (for a Monday). But, it wasn't all bad though. Between making arrangements, running classes, learning new things and helping others, I also received some of the kindest words, warmest embraces and biggest smiles from people to say thank you. Sometimes, at the end of the day when you're achey, tired, hungry and grumpy... the thought that you're appreciated for what you do - that's all you need and then everything becomes worthwhile once more.

Photography: Max Cardelli

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