Friday, July 10, 2009

Girl in a Daydream

Do you remember the summertime?
When you let your hair grow down your back
And we left the woods and ventured the city
And joked of leaving our lives behind.

I stepped into a daydream
With a brush in my hand
A palette full of colors near my easel stands.
Lay down next to me
Let me paint you this daydream,
Open your eyes and see what I see
Wishful words, beautiful feelings
All the things that define me

Stay with me, till the lights go down
cry a little bit, it's such a beautiful sound
When magic happens you will know the reason why,
you've finally stepped into my daydream
and I hope you stay a while!


About me:

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new blog! If you have found this via Polyvore, you will know me as I'm a shy, quiet and curious girl who spends all day dreaming about and wanting to know *everything*. I am a twenty-something year old living in Australia and also a full-time uni student, which is kinda exciting because I can't wait to start working and then do a bit of travelling (Egypt, Greece and Jamaica are currently my top 3 places to visit)! My hobbies include reading (I'm a real bookworm), swimming and I'm also classically trained to play the piano and violin so music is definitely a huge passion of mine - it inspires me on a minute-to-minute basis and I absolutely cannot live without it! In my spare time, I like to sit down at the piano and write songs or snuggle up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. When in need of some cheering up, I like to go shopping and some of my favourite high-end labels include Chloe, Marni, YSL, Alaia and Lanvin but I also really like many of the local Australian designers (like Lover, Shakuhachi and Sass & Bide, to name a few). I am a huuuge animal lover too, but that goes without saying and I think you may already have figured that out for yourselves... ;)

How I discovered Polyvore:

I stumbled upon the wonderful world of Polyvore a year ago and it was after reading a thread on the Vogue forums. It has been crazy fun ever since and I just absolutely love this place!

My fashion favs

I don't really know if an exact word exists to describe my sense of style as it most definitely always depends on my mood. I love wearing dark colours (black, all shades of brown and grey which I have too much of in my wardrobe) and I have a serious obsession with accessories in all its wonderful forms (scarves, gloves, necklaces, hats and big chunky rings especially). I love wearing dresses, cute ballet flats and combining different textures in my outfits. Every now and then, I will draw inspiration from fashion magazines but I try not to base my fashion choices on what is 'trendy' or 'in at the moment' because I think being unique and different is MUCH more exciting! To quote one of my favourite fashion icons, the wonderful and legendary Yves Saint Laurent, "... what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it." That's how I view fashion and I live by this statement.

Why I love Polyvore

To me, Polyvore is a really wonderful community that brings together people of style, talent and creativity -- and that is why I like it so much. This is the place where I get to be surrounded by those who share the same interest as me and that is an incredible feeling, to have so much support! I love seeing the really amazing items that others have uploaded and this ability to share bits and pieces of fashion and creativity is what I feel makes Polyvore so special and unique. Especially after a stressful or long day, it is an unbelievable feeling to come on and see all the lovely messages that others have kindly left for me and I always, always appreciate that so much. I can't believe I used to consider music as my sole creative outlet; but then again, that was until I found Polyvore!!! :)

Setmaking on Polyvore

This is a very tricky to answer, simply because I don't really have a certain way of creating my sets! Sometimes I will base it on a really unique item that I have found and other times I will choose a particular theme or mood that I want to create and then go with that. For my sets, I feel it is not complete unless it has a title so I always try to think of something before I hit the publish button. Also, if you've taken a look at my sets before, you will notice that I love to incorporate animals into every single one and I'm often inspired by nature. Every now and then, I attempt to create something very different to my usual work and it makes me smile when people point it out to me. It makes me think, "was it really that obvious?". I have to say though, most of my sets are inspired by the lovely friends I have made -- their beautiful personalities and creativity always push me to do better and it works wonders! :)

Why I started this blog

I always find it very interesting to understand the ideas and inspirations behind other people's artistic creations and wanted to share mine here. Pictures I see, places I visit, songs I hear.... foods I eat, fabrics I touch and scents I smell - all these seemingly insignificant things that others miss, they are my starting points. The beginnings of my stories.

To my readers and ever-loyal supporters,

Thank you and welcome. I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about me!! Please leave a comment if you visit with your own blog/profile links, or even just to say hi! The more the merrier, wouldn't you agree? :)


  1. Hi sweetie!!!! What a lovely blog!!!! I'll follow you!!

  2. Wow, what a lovely blog you've got set up here! I'll be following!
    Jenna/ jooniper from polyvore

  3. hi dear..your blog is sooo beautiful.. kisses -Nasha

  4. heyyyy :))) i totally your blog! it's so beautiful! i wish you all the best with it! :* keep up the good job :)))))))

  5. Thank you my lovelies for leaving me sweet messages :) More posts to come in the following days xxx


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