Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hello friends!
How have your weekends been? I have just returned home from a 2-day trip to visit & catch up with my friend (who I haven't seen in the longest time) on her property. I am sunburnt all over but feeling so incredibly rejuvenated!! The last 2 days were wonderful and much-needed after spending all day at home working and feeling miserable because of this cold weather. The change felt so great -- to breathe in the freshest of fresh air, to wake up every morning to birds singing and then to lay in the meadows eating cupcakes as if we had no worries in the world. I so wasn't ready to come home!!

I am just about to go make myself some dinner to eat, but will be back soon with updates!

Stay happy,


  1. Hi dear!
    So, did you have a good time?
    I`m glad to hear it!
    Your last set is adorable!!! The country air is incredible!!
    many kisses for you honey!!

  2. oh u got a really cute blog. i like it. ♥
    that's why ur blog ist delightful (;

  3. My weekend was exceptionally nice. I met some old my friends and stuff like that. I am glad because of you. Your blog makes me understand how life is wonderful.

  4. Awww, thank you all so much for these sweet comments! :) xx


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