Monday, June 14, 2010

My Personal Style

1. I have a healthy obsession for big, roomy bags that will allow me to throw all my books and new shopping purchases into. As my friends know it, I like to carry the world with me, everywhere I go.

2. Dresses make up nearly 90% of my wardrobe - I simply LOVE them! You'll find them in every colour, material and style for any weather and all seasons of the year. You'll never find me in a skirt and I hardly ever wear jeans. I prefer tights and leggings (though not when worn as pants alone!).

3. My biggest gripe about shoe shopping is that I can personally never find any that are comfortable AND cute. It's always one or the other.... Neverthless, I love to splurge on ballet flats and slouchy boots.

4. I love to accessorise and my wardrobe reflects this. I have over 3 drawers filled with scarves, racks and racks of necklaces & belts, and many shoeboxes containing rings I've collected over the years. I like the mix of vintage and modern high end pieces that I own.

5. The colours you'll most often find me wearing are: black, brown, grey, purple, teal.

6. I am very fond of vintage pieces and I have many items handed down to me by my mother and grandmother. My current favourite is the belt collection I recently inherited; some of those belt buckles from the 60-70s are simply extravagant!

7. I would describe my style as romantic, feminine and sophisticated. Whilst I love ruffles, tulle, sequins and bows, I also like to keep my look clean and well put-together.

8. If I am leaving the house, I will always put an effort into dressing nicely. It was never over the top, but I made sure I looked presentable even as a student going to Uni.

9. I don't wear make-up on a daily basis and when I do, it is strictly only for special occasions like weddings, birthday celebrations or formal dinner parties. I'm very low maintenance on this front.

10. I love to mix what others would consider eveningwear, like sequinned dresses, with woolly cardigans or simple opaque tights to "dress it down". Or wear evening bags during the day...

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