Tuesday, April 27, 2010

English manors and old country cottages

To live a graceful and timeless old English lifestyle would be my ultimate dream come true.

Could anyone not be inspired by the rays of sunshine, stone manors and cobblestone pavements that quaint English countrysides have to offer? I can't think of a more perfect place to spend winter holidays... I imagine mornings in the country would involve a little bit of photography, a light brunch by the lake, some sketching and painting and then hours of freedom on a bicycle to explore, reflect, breathe... Nights would be spent cosying up to the fireplace with a rug, a good novel and a glass of vintage wine, completely disconnected from the busy modern world that we live in today. Nothing could be more perfect...

So, can you imagine the happiness I felt when I stumbled across these pictures today? Everything about this editorial is beautifully breathtaking, from the overall tone to the models and classy outfits. These are the shots that have renewed my love of rolling hills, lush green topiaries, tweed, wellies and vintage bicycles... all in a way that can't be described with words. My heart flutters for this splendid place and I so desperately wish I could be there.

Oh English countryside, why must you be so charming?


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