Sunday, August 16, 2009

If I Had a World of my Own

Thought I would repost this from Poly:

10 facts about me:

1. I love the smell of rain but I don't like being outside when it is actually raining
2. I am a night owl and function best between the hours of 10pm - 4am
3. All my life I have wanted long nails but have never been able to grow them out because I play and teach piano & violin
4. I'd much prefer to be warm than cold so I'm always looking forward to summer
5. I am an aspiring photographer and can waste a whole day daydreaming over pretty images
6. Sometimes I go to bed just to dream.
7. This blog is my pet project and it keeps me going when life gets hectic
8. Reading is my passion - in my future house I will have a room entirely dedicated to books!
9. I love perfumes and save their empty bottles
10. 5 people I would love to meet in person: Oscar Wilde, Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel, Carine Roitfeld and Walt Disney


  1. what a lovely little blog you have! i'm so pleased to have found this; blogs like these really brighten my day.

    i certainly agree with you on no. 8; when i have a house of my own the biggest room will be made into my own private library with dusty old tomes, vases of flowers and a bay window.

    ...i also like keeping empty perfume bottles. ^-^

  2. 1 - exactly the same!
    10 - i would love to meet YSL and Coco :)

    great to know something more about you... :)

  3. Hey sweetie! I love perfumes too!!! And, I love your sets dear!! You are doing amazing sets!! I miss you and I miss Polyvore, but I have no time...
    Kisses dear,

  4. Thanks everyone!!

    I never knew so many people collected empty perfume bottles like me! I guess it makes sense because they're so pretty! :D

    grace, welcome to my blog and thank you sooo much for your sweet words!!! You have described my kind of private library perfectly -- especially the bay window part! I imagine I would spend all day there reading to my heart's content :)

    Everyone loves fashion: it took me very ages to pick only the top 5 people I would like to meet, but I knew YSL and Coco would definitely be on the list!! It'd be my dream come true.... :D

    Dear Alex, thank you and I miss you too!! I am exactly the same these days -- no longer have much time for Polyvore. It sucks!! xx


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