Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Seams of Thought: Pretty Frocks 1

Dresses of all shades, fabrics and styles are a staple in my wardrobe and it's been this way for as long as I can remember. They seem to be the only pieces that I wear / catch my attention, as opposed to items like t-shirts or jeans. As a result of my obsession, over the years I have managed to create a rather long 'wish list' of all the pretty frocks that I would love to own. Most too expensive, others so unique they are nowhere to be found. Today, I will share with you some of these... and hope that you too, catch the Frock-love bug. xx

1: {this is glamorous}; 2: Paris Atelier; 3: decorology; 4: Paris Atelier; 5: thepaperplanes

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