Saturday, August 29, 2009

Palette 1.

Dearest Readers,

Starting from today I am going to share with you a new series of posts inspired by daydreams and hues of the rainbow. You will be able to find them under The Perfect Palette category which is located in the sidebar of this blog. Sort of like mini inspiration boards, but packed with lovely themes and interesting mixes of colour. To start us off, picture: the sound of espresso machines blending with coffee drinker's conversations, watching passers-by through the window as your mind slowly melts away inside, a baby grand piano underneath the world...

# 01. Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop

clockwise starting top left corner -
1: unruly things; 2: hokipoki; 3: Pink Peony Photography; 4: incorrigible dreamer


  1. Cheers Dolores! You are so lovely, I really appreciate you taking the time to leave comments. Not many people do :) xx


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