Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Creating the Perfect Christmas tree

There is officially only 9 days until Christmas! Are you excited? I cannot believe there is so little time left and I still have so much to do... anyone still trying to wrap up their Christmas gifts like me? One thing is for sure, this year I managed to get the Christmas tree up nice and early and although it's not a big one, it definitely gets me in the festive season with all the tinsel and lights!

One of my favourite aspects about putting up a tree is the fact that I get to bring out my huge collection of ornaments and vintage decorations. But this year, I was searching for some new inspiration when I came across these gorgeous and very unique Christmas tree displays. Take a look....

Definitely on my list to try for next year: a Bonsai tree, decorated with Japanese lantern ornaments and glittered birds

For an elegant look: I just love the ornaments used in this Rose tree!
According to the legend of the Christmas rose, a poor shepherdess named Madelon was tending her sheep on a hill near Bethlehem one snowy night when she saw the wise men bearing gifts on their way to visit the Christ child. Madelon wept, knowing that she could not afford a present for the new king. Just then an angel appeared and turned the girl's fallen tears into pale pink roses. A joyous Madelon gathered the blooms and carried them to Bethlehem to give to the baby Jesus. Since that time, the Christmas rose blooms each December as a reminder of this loving gift.

Living in Australia, my greatest wish has always been to have a proper White Christmas one year. Until then, this will have to do! I love the silver, cream and white combo on a tree dusted with snow {perfect because two weeks ago I bought myself a box of "fake snow" powder!} and decorated with a mix of vintage and paper ornaments.

Continuing on the snow theme... with a few bags of cotton balls you could create the same blanket-of-snow effect. In my opinion, this one is simple but the loveliest!

And last but not least, my favourite tree of all - one that is sea-inspired and reminds me of why I love spending Christmas in Australia. It is a tree that I could never get tired of looking at :)

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