Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday Wishlist: a little French Touche love

Do you know about this little French boutique in Paris called French Touche? There are so many items that I want from there, well, mainly because they are all handmade...

Petit porte-monnaie by RĂ©tro Sacadidie

Pochette Wonderland by mini labo

Message on a Mug

Barquette Piaf by De Beaux Souvenirs

Pendentif Bambi by Elise Lefebvre

Bol Rouge-Gorge by Elise Lefebvre

Coupelle Bambi by Elise Lefebvre

Boite Bambi by Elise Lefebvre

Porte-monnaie L'Oiseau by mini labo

Amantie Jolie by Les Choses Bizarres

... and best of all, they ship internationally! Woohoo!

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