Sunday, December 20, 2009

Etsy Love: Time travelling and Rose Cottages

With 5 days remaining until Christmas, things are really starting to get festive around my place! Today I went out armed with my shopping list and bought all my groceries for the coming week. Lots of fresh fruit and baking supplies for the desserts I have planned. No doubt the next few days will see me spending a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and preparing, but at the end of the week I get to enjoy myself and spend time with my friends and loved ones. Best gift in the world, hands down.

For those of you looking to get yourself Christmas presents, you are in luck! There are so many beautiful goods out and about at this time of the year especially over at Etsy. I found so many things I wanted! But these ones topped my list for their cute-factor:

'The Traveller' print by munieca
: for those of you (who, like me) love travelling and seeing the world

Baby Rudolph silver plated fawn and garnet necklace by dreamyvintage
: a simple but adorable accessory to dress up any outfit and it comes beautifully packaged which is a bonus!

Bear 2010 Wall calendar by TheSisCrew
: a must-have for your study or your room - especially if you are yet to buy one!

Bon Bon the Blushing Squirrel plushie (right), made-to-order by sleepyking
: "instead of playing with the other squirrels in the giant oak tree, Bon Bon spends most of her time baking acorn pies and doing crossword puzzles." ADORABLE :)

Little House Pouch by suezybees
: perfect for those small gadgets or even loose change. I want to live in that house!

Camera pendant with hand-stamped antique brass tag by japonicas
: so very nostalgic and beautiful. I love that it's encrusted with honey crystals!

Lovebird bowls by PrinceDesignUK
: because I simply heart all things birdy!


  1. Everything is soooo cute!!! I completly fell in love with the camera necklace and also the birds are so pretty!!!


  2. Thank you darling for your encouraging feedback always! And I totally agree with you -- the camera necklace is my absolute favourite!! Kisses to you :) xx


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