Friday, December 4, 2009

Thank You, Christmas Cheat Sheets!

To kick off the Why that's delightful Holiday Season series, I would like to share two awesome and very practical cheat sheets I found on the Made in England website:

For the girl's sheet: click here
For the boy's sheet: click here

These are always a huge lifesaver for me every year as I have this problem of wanting to buy clothes for my loved ones but forever confusing their sizes and favourite colours! Almost every occasion I can recall has led to me spoiling the surprise before the big day either by having to ask people for specifics or getting caught sneaking in closets peeking at clothing labels. Well, thanks to these nifty little sheets there will be no more size-/colour-guessing! I hope you find them as useful as I have :)

The instructions to use these sheets are so simple:
Print them out, fill one out with your clothing sizes and give it to your partner (or whoever you're expecting a present from). Get your partner to fill out the other and give it back. Then head out shopping and have a merry Christmas.
Doesn't this just makes things so much easier around this time of the year? Not to mention the layout and design is oh-so-adorable! Who can complain about something so useful? ;)

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