Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday Wishlist: owls, elephants and numbered scarves

Hi friends! Thank you for joining me on this (rainy) day for another one of my Wednesday Wishlists. With Christmas Day fast approaching (23 sleeps to be exact - how exciting!), I'm sure many are busy shopping for presents and planning gatherings with family and loved ones. There is so much to do! I know I have been stressing myself out trying to find the perfect gifts for different people - as always my biggest dilemma is finding thoughtful, unique and special items that people will actually use and treasure.

So over the next few weeks in the leadup to the big day, I thought I would post some of the fantastic gift ideas I have found in my own frantic attempt to get started on holiday season preparations. I've tried to accommodate differing budgets with the hope that it will give those of you in the same boat some ideas :) I will also be posting plenty of my favourite recipes and decorating ideas at this time of the year for inspiration, so look out for those too!

In the meantime, let's get started on this week's wishlist:

Olive coloured felt ballet flats by Pink Studio, $50
{loving: the cute buttons and yarn stitching in the upper corners}

Serif Tote bag by Little Factory, $24
{love: typography and this simple idea - the design is so neat!}

Number scarf in grey, black or white by Little Factory, $58
{loving: this unique concept, perfect for dressing up a casual outfit}

Bicycle, elephant (pictured) or giraffe necklace from Anthropologie, $48
{love: the elephant - one of my favourite animals}

Prints from my all time favourite artist and illustrator, Camilla Engman
{love: her attention to detail and of course, the cute owl in the tree!}

Hope you have enjoyed today's post - Happy Hump Day! :D

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