Monday, December 13, 2010


So it's 12:12 and I'm still sitting around trying to put off going to bed.

I'm sad that the weekend passed so quickly and dreading the thought of returning to work tomorrow. Not sure why I feel this way, I think it must be the fact that everyone else I know is celebrating time off uni, or attending graduation ceremonies... and here I am a year into my working life and I kinda feel... old and left out? The thought that a year ago it was me doing those things makes me shudder. It's been a wonderful but overwhelming12 months, taking baby steps out into this big wide world. Learning new things, fending for myself... it's been tough. But I will admit I've had the time of my life and wouldn't change a thing for the experiences I've gained and the amazing people I have met. To me, 2010 will always be the memorable year where many beautiful things took place. Out of the blue.

So.... 2011, what will you be like?