Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Right Hand

Lately I have been looking to upgrade the ring that I wear religiously on my right hand. It all started when my mother handed me the one she owned when she was in her early twenties - a beautiful ruby and diamond channel ring in the 4 prong setting for my 16th birthday. I kept it on everyday for several years before noticing a tiny crack in the base of the ring. After that I placed it back in its box and carefully stowed it away for safekeeping. For a short while, I enjoyed wearing no jewellery but soon my fingers felt naked and I was once again on the hunt for RH ring number 2.

As a little graduation present for myself and to mark my first time travelling away from home, I spent my first big pay check on a dainty little gold and black sapphire heart ring earlier this year. It was a relatively pricey piece to me at the time given that all my other purchases had been big, fun, less expensive cocktail rings. However, after spending more money I noticed an increase in the number of people stopping to comment on my ring. I vowed to never again spend money on pieces that weren't absolutely classic and timeless. I worked out that I would rather fork out the money for good quality craftsmanship, if it meant that I could only have one ring as opposed to several tacky ones made from cheap materials.

Yesterday after a big week, I decided I needed a little pick-me-up and the time felt right to get myself something to commemorate the wonderful year that I've had. I tried on many different rings, store after store until I came across the most breathtaking, classy piece I had ever laid eyes on. I was a bit hesitant initially given the hefty price tag but the simple, elegant design eventually won my heart over. It was perfect: a beautiful piece to add to my growing collection and something I could continue to wear in the future with my wedding and engagement rings. I am so happy with my purchase, despite having spent over double the amount of money compared to my last ring. It's sparkly, it's pretty and it is so me. Isn't that what a right hand ring is for?

[24 hours later and I still can't stop gazing at it lovingly!]

Images from Tiffany and Co. holiday campaign 2010