Monday, December 20, 2010

The Best Things in Life

falling asleep to a thunderstorm, cosying underneath the covers listening to the pitter patter of rain fall against the windows

when someone notices your haircut

opening the first pages of a book or magazine and breathing in that new-book smell

when you catch someone looking at you with a glance that makes the world pause and takes away all the breath that's left in you

when a stranger smiles at you or holds the door open for you

browsing through digital photos from months or even years ago and finding a real gem that makes you smile just thinking back to that wonderful moment

finding out the name or artist of the song you heard on radio ages ago and loved

sipping caramelatte whilst people-watching from a cosy spot inside a trendy cafe-restaurant

finding, trying on and purchasing buttery soft leather shoes that fit like a glove and walk like you're barefoot

watching Disney classics in your pyjamas

public holidays that fall on a Saturday or Sunday - who doesn't love long weekends?

when someone stops you in the middle of the street to tell you how lovely you smell

pulling out the tray and rejoicing because those macarons have feet! Yessss!

making a purchase, whether big or small, and having the salesperson walk around the counter to hand you your goods

the moment you wake up and realise it's not Friday but Saturday morning. . .

when a (gentle)-man offers you his seat on the bus

feeling pretty & being told you are

having the whole row of seats to yourself at the cinemas

being at home when the postie visits to drop off one (or several) parcels

running your fingers over perfume bottles in the morning as you decide which scent to apply

pretty handwriting

coming home to familiar, loving faces

having a good dream, and remembering it

the first mangos of summer